Acres of Diamonds

Words/Music By Jason Reischel

There’d be acres of diamonds if you let me plow your field
Why you got to hold me down? I’ve got children to feed
I’ll cause no trouble, I’ll keep in line
There’s room for two up there
So you just best step aside
Oh I never thought it’d take so long

I’ve come here by railroad, I’ve come here in time
I’ve come here through sweat and tears, I’ve come here in binds
Have you ever beholden such a curious sight? 
For to crawl on my hands and knees, I would prefer to die
Oh I never knew it’d take so long
Oh I have come to depose your throne

How many are with us? How many belong? 
We’ve watched how you stole our land, stole our trust and our laws
We’ll seek our rights granted in common sense and plain sight
You’ll never get away with this