Words/music by Jason Reischel

She said: 
"Comfort me, I cannot feel warm
Grab my rosary, for I know that I won't last long
I know that my days are numbered
There's so much that I want you to hear
Though my sadness will make you wonder if I was true to you...” 

Last time I saw Marie, we walked arm in arm
But it was of no relief
No longer could I afford to wait until tomorrow
I have to leave before high noon
But if the train were to leave early
There's nothing I can do
Until Montevideo
Until Montevideo

Some things never change, but I could be wrong
I look for the Avellano Tree in Saro
Where we left our mark
And I laugh when I remember the stories
As we climbed the hill
Separated by an ocean, Momentarily still
In Montevideo
Until Montevideo

And I like to think at that time
That you loved me and would remain mine

Some things never change, but I could be wrong
But when you sell your soul to me
There's no joy in growing old
And although I am unhappy, I did what I thought was true
And though I have my regrets
What am I do in Montevideo? 
In Montevideo
In Montevideo
In Montevideo