Pieces Fall in Place

Words/Music By Jason Reischel

You can try to put me inside the hole
But it’s not where I belong
You can turn me around, but I will never change
Unless you want me to, but we can’t change the game

I’ll leave it up to you, I don’t know where to go
But you can try me here
You can put me aside to concentrate your mind
On the task at hand
And I will understand if you change your mind

Wait and take your time
And play the game, rewind
And make the pieces fall in place
Don’t push too hard
Don’t pry
Don’t bend to make it slide
Cause when you’ve found the one you’ll know

Don’t tear or mutilate
If there’s one lost
A waste of everything we’ve tried to do

You are almost there
Your border of the air is only so close to me
That I can feel the breeze
Of your sneeze touching me