Regalo La Flor

Words/Music By Jason Reischel

You could’ve been a heart-throb
You could’ve been a doll
If I go out of my head
You could’ve been them all

From the top of my head
To the top of my shoes
To the music in the air
To the moments that are true

That I will have a long night
On the old one 55
Take me into Memphis
Where I have to see tonight

In the back of my head
You haven’t changed in a year
My Juanita, mi amor
Quien te regalo la flor

I can see the sunshine
I can see the sun
In this moonlight hour
On this midnight run
But time is going to slow
Seconds turn into days
Only Mississippi stands in the way

Could’ve been a nightmare
Must’ve been a dream
If you were talking to yourself
Then you were talking in your sleep
But I heard another voice whisper in your ear
An unfinished melody for you to hear
It was an unfinished melody for you to hear