They’ve been converting rock ‘n rollers by filtering their classic country sounds through low-fi nuances… to add the ‘alt’ to their ‘alt-country’ categorization.
— The Deli Magazine
With his band My Cousin, The Emperor, Reischel explores an alt-country sound that tips its hat to the
indie rock scene while still maintaining a simple twang
— Alana Harper, WNYC Music Hub
Filled to the brim with both alone-in-the-pouring-rain ballads and throw-me-another-whiskey barroom romps
— My Old Kentucky Blog
My Cousin, the Emperor makes happily gnarly music; the band’s debut album, A Long Way from Home, trades in rolling country rock & roll
— TimeoutNY
A band that fuses rock, Americana, country, and folk seamlessly together
— Denon Audio
My Cousin, The Emperor is like a country version of Pavement.
They have nuances of a lo-fi 90s band, mixed with a country acoustic twang
— The Deli Magazine
This sunny side up, harmony filled strumalong would probably brighten up most dull grey commutes... If all train journeys were this creative and inspiring even Bob Crowe and Boris Johnson might get along together.
— Paul Villars, AmericanaUK
Reverb-heavy melancholy that is very comparable to songs from artists like Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison
— Brooklyn Rocks
Really sweet Americana... notably clean and well-imagined. This might be a good springtime roadtrip album. Good crisp air and sunshine music.
— Kim Ruehl, No Depression
Nice country folk indie rock perfect for a firepit and some beers
— Free Press Houton
Songwriter Jason Reischel writes underground country flavored pop that is refreshing and genuine...
Well written tunes, executed to perfection
— BabySue
These guys remind me of Explosions in the Sky. Great rhythm, great harmonies...great fusion of country and indie rock
— Rik Cordero, Three/21 Films
The guitars have a certain twang that gives you the sudden urge to hike up your cowboy boots, dust off your cowboy hat and button up your plaid shirt. It’s clearly a country album but with a hint of Blues, which is exactly what these Brooklyn-based young men are trying to create a blend of ‘Country R&B
— Sinister Girlz
New York’s My Cousin, The Emperor add a bit more of an edge to this interesting bill
— The Dallas Observer
My Cousin played with the soul of seasoned Nashville session men
— Metromix